Frequently Asked Questions


1907 Investment Group


Is 1907 Licensed?

Yes, 1907 is fully compliant with state regulations. 1907 operations operate under a broker’s license registered with OREC (Oklahoma Real Estate Commission). Anyone handling leasing and or collecting payment holds a sales license with OREC.


What type of properties does 1907 manage?

1907 manages all types of real estate including but not limited to single and multi-family homes, condos, and small apartments.


Is 1907 insured?

Yes, 1907 is insured with liability and workers comp insurance.


Tenets Screening and Showings


How does 1907 price my rentals?

1907 combines the use of technology and local expertise to find the optimal price for your rent.

  • 1907 runs local comps (comparable sales) in the area to see what other rentals are going for.
  • Is the market slowing down or picking back up? That’s where our local expertise comes into play

We use a combination of these two to optimize your rental prices while maintaining a low vacancy rate.


How does 1907 screen potential tenets?

1907 conducts an extensive screening for all applicants. All applicants must meet a minimum standard credit score, pass a background check, rental history, and employment verification.


Maintenance and Repairs


How does 1907 complete repair request?

Tenants will submit their maintenance requests through an online portal. They will also have the option to submit a photo or video so 1907 can better assess the situation. Once that has been completed, we contact one of our many vendors best fit to handle the situation.


Rent Due and Payment Distribution


When is rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of every month.


When do 1907 clients get paid?

Payments are disbursed on the 10th of every month.


Does 1907 handle all bills and dues related to my investments?

Yes, 1907 handles all bills, including any expenses incurred to repair and matain your investments and monthly bills.


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